John Keheller


Steve Duggan

Vice President


Donna Suter


Booking Officer

Kylie Nitz

Appointed Secretary

Project Coordinator

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“Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!”

Ingrid Bergman, Actress

Now in his third term as President, John Kelleher is a passionate community advocate who strives to make the world a better place for Seniors. He enjoys playing golf in his spare time.

John Kelleher, President

0412 016 860

Standing as Vice President, Steve Duggan is an astute and successful businessman who is now enjoying retirement in his volunteer role..building a better future for Seniors. He still works hard tinkering with building projects in his spare time.

Steve Duggan, Vice President

0413 106 772

Donna Suter, has been involved since the very beginning. Over 47 years she has filled both Secretary and Treasurer roles, currently sitting as Treasurer. She still comes to work most days and loves every moment. Donna remains very active in the community with ESA, CWL and enjoys spending time with family.

Donna Suter, Treasurer and Booking Officer

0409 892 144

Kylie Nitz has been involved since 2017, commencing employment later that year. She takes on her role with passion and zest. Appointed as Secretary in 2019 she has stepped forward to growing for the Seniors of tomorrow. Kylie is very active in the greater community and enjoys quiet time with her family and many many pets.

Kylie Nitz, Appointed Secretary

0432 681 440

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