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MADCOTA Community Hub operates within the following values:

  • Equal Opportunities - As both a service provider and employer, MADCOTA Community Hub promotes equality of opportunity and believes in challenging discrimination of all kinds. 


  • Community Cohesion – MADCOTA Community Hub is committed to helping create a strong and prosperous community in which individuals from all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs are able to develop mutual understanding and respect. 


  • Democracy and Accountability – MADCOTA is a membership organisation and its management committee is accountable to the community through open meetings and the annual election of its officers. It regularly communicates with and consults all sectors of the community, to ensure that its planning and decision making continues to reflect locally identified priorities.

  • Partnership Working - MADCOTA Community Hub believes that collaboration with voluntary and community groups, public sector bodies and private sector businesses improves its ability to enhance resources and deliver better services.


  • Independence and Financial Sustainability - MADCOTA Community Hub recognises that it is in the best interests of the community it serves for it to plan for a financially sustainable future based on sound management, cost effectiveness and increasing capacity to develop its own income generation. 


  • Environmental Sustainability – MADCOTA will meet the challenge of climate change through adopting good environmental practices, and promoting all aspects of environmental sustainability throughout all its operations.


  • Live Local, Support Local – MADCOTA Community Hub understands that local economy prospers and employment opportunities are developed with local trade support and therefore will at all times endeavour to make all purchases locally within the Fraser Coast where available/possible. 

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