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To build a highly successful, reputable, and complementary community centre incorporating services that provided a whole of community benefit in a “one stop shop” capacity. 


MADCOTA promotes greater public awareness of social issues and enhances individual and community group capacity through delivering programs, events, activities, and projects in a culturally appropriate manner. We adopt strategies to provide pathways to overcome these social issues through consultation and discussion with target groups. 

Project Name


In order to achieve its vision, MADCOTA Community Hub will:


Manage a community building which provides quality facilities and a range of activities, that are accessible to the local community.  


To continuously develop and update the building, to meet the changing needs and expectations of the community, both now and in the future.


To provide for space for local community groups and public sector organisations in order to enhance local services for residents, particularly for those people who are socially disadvantaged, vulnerable or who face difficulties accessing provisions appropriate to their particular needs and circumstances.


To develop activities that increase participation in civic life, including through providing local residents with opportunities for self-development, volunteering and involvement in local decision-making.


Further develop potential and continue to build capacity to provide sustainable projects and programs that resolve social issues identified as high needs.

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